The version 4.8.0 of PickCrafter has been released the 21th August 2018 on Android and iOS and the 22th August 2018 on Steam. This version includes a new event about the fourth birthday of PickCrafter and many other things.

New Event

You can find the Event here. It includes a new skin for Meatloaf, a new skin for Creeps and many new items to get to boost your PPS.



The roster of Boss has changed in this new version. It's related to the fact that Havi, The Community Manager asked on the Official Discord Server what boss does players prefers the most at the start of August.

The normal boss roster was in this order : Bole > RipTide > Meatloaf > GORG > Adalae

In the update, it now changes to : Riptide > GORG > Chronos > Meatloaf > Sono

New Trophies

Chronos and Sono have now their own Trophies.

New Way To Upgrade Pickaxes

Pickaxes found in chests were only upgradable with Runic, who caused a waste of Runic and made them Useless. In this new update, you can now upgrade Pickaxes with Picks, even though you can only do one level per upgrade.

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