PickCrafter Wiki

AMP Codes (@AMPCodes) are redeemable codes in PickCrafter, which usually provide items or currency. FiveAmp also uses temporary, often user-specific AMP codes for several reasons, such as compensation for uncredited purchases or giveaways.

How to redeem AMP Codes[]

AMP Codes are entered in the Settings Menu, under 'AMP Codes' or 'Support Code'. An internet connection is required for redemption.

Where to find AMP Codes[]

Boss Codes[]

Boss codes may be revealed by a boss's defeat text.

Hidden Codes[]

Hidden codes have special uses:

  • fiveamp can be redeemed once for a Wooden Chest.
  • nukemysave can be redeemed infinitely to completely reset PickCrafter.
  • ach123 can be redeemed infinitely, and forces the game to check for unrewarded achievements whose conditions had been fulfilled.