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Artifacts are items in Pickcrafter available after the first Prestige, which level up some owned Skills in the Skill Tree and Abilities when equipped. The artifact inventory can be located by clicking the shield icon -> artifact icon. They are found in Chests, and have a variety of sprites and names. Artifacts have a level indicated by a '+1' behind the artifact name. Each level one Ability or Skill is added. Either it adds a new Ability or Skill or upgrades an exisiting one to a higher level. Note that the type of artifact is purely visual and serves no purpose.

Artifact Slots[]

Up to 11 artifact slots are available in the game:

3 slots are available by default.

1 slot can be purchased using 10 Ender Pearls in the Ender Store.

7 additional slots can be purchased with Runic. The first slot costs 300 Runic, and every additional slot costs an extra 100 Runic.

Artifact Dust[]

Artfact Dust

Artifact Dust

Artifact Dust is a green dust that is obtained by trashing Artifacts. It can be used to reroll all the Skills and Abilities on an artifact (this will change it's type), or upgrade an artifact by adding a level to a random Skill or Ability.

If the player has more than one artifact to dust, they may click the 'Mass Dust' button at the very bottom of the artifact tab.


There are four levels of rarity available for Artifacts:

  • Common: Level 1 to 5
  • Rare: Level 6 to 10
  • Epic: Level 11 to 19
  • Legendary: Level 20+

Unobtainble Skills[]

The following Skills cannot be boosted by Artifacts:

List of Artifacts[]