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Bosses are special characters that can be encountered and fought in PickCrafter. They were first added in Version 4.0, also known as The Boss Update. To encounter a boss, the player must break 100 blocks in the most recently unlocked biome (or any of the three Teleport-exclusive biomes), then open the Quest tab and fight it. Bosses are encountered in a particular order. Some bosses are exclusive to events.

After defeating a boss, there is a 3 hour cooldown to encounter the next one. This cooldown can be skipped by spending Picks or 50 Runic. If the player runs out of time on a boss, they can try again after collecting another 100 blocks.


Event Bosses[]

Valentine's Event[]

Egg Hunt Event[]

Boss Rush Event[]

During the Boss Event, which was first added in Version 4.6.1, two exclusive Bosses can be fought during the Boss Rush Event. The Heart Seeker Event and Egg Hunt Event bosses can also be fought again. The Boss Rush has a 2 hour cooldown, which can be skipped by viewing an ad or spending 10 Runic.