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Chrono's splash screen.

Chronos The Time Keeper is a boss that can be encountered and fought in PickCrafter. He is only available during the Boss Rush Event. Chronos controls time, which explains the ability of the Chronos Pickaxe (Level 1).png Chronos Pickaxe. Defeating him in the Boss Rush earns the player a Boss Rush Chest, which contains 3 items related to him, The Mystery of Time.png The Mystery of Time, The Sands of Time.png The Sands of Time and the Chronos' Wheel.png Chronos' Wheel.


Chronos has, like the other boss, one type of fight. There is a wheel behind him and a red clock in the middle of it, that's his weak spot. He turns around at a different place, and his turns are pretty quick, the only way to beat him is by slowing time by clicking on one of those three clocks on the bottom of the screen at the perfect time.




  • I've been expecting you...
  • I have seen the future...
  • I am the guardian of Time...

Pickaxe Power[]

  • I see you have something that belongs to me...
  • Nice Pickaxe...

Anti Pickaxe Power[]

  • My NEMESIS!!! NOOOOO....
  • WHY?!?!?!


  • Oof
  • Ouch

Ending Success[]

  • Nice...
  • Don't forget about Anti-Chronos...
  • I don't feel so good...

Ending Fail[]

  • You don't feel so good...
  • Ha! Try again...

Chronos' Lair[]


Chronos Textbox (Mad).png
* Who dares to enter my lair?!?!

Chronos Textbox (Happy).png
* Welcome

Pickaxe Powers[]

Chronos Textbox (Happy).png
* Heh, nice try

Chronos Textbox (Mad).png
* No Pickaxe Powers all


  • If you hold the Chrono's Pickaxe while doing a boss rush, he will say some quotes about it.
  • Chronos was Craftolizer's idea, who is a contributor in the official Discord server.
  • Some of Chronos' end quotes are a reference to the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, where Spider-Man disintegrates into dust shortly after saying "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good." to Iron Man.