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There are two principal Currencies in PickCrafter, namely Picks and Runic.

How to Obtain Picks[edit | edit source]

Picks are the first currency encountered. They can be obtained manually by tapping the screen, or idly by purchasing gear.

PPS[edit | edit source]

PPS (or Picks per second) is the rate at which the player earns picks from their purchased gear. It can be boosted with Treasures.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Block Select: Picks can be spent to purchase blocks. They can also be used to skip the Block Select's cooldown timer.\

Skill Points: Picks can be spent to purchase skill points, to upgrade skills.

Timer Skips: Picks can be spent to reset cooldown timers, such as for Boss encounters and the Block Select.

Upgrade Pickaxes: The Player can upgrade Pickaxes after Prestiges with Picks.

How to Obtain Runic[edit | edit source]

Runic is the second currency. It includes payments in real-life or you can watch ads (30 per day) and Complete Runic Offers. You can also found some in the Free Chest (1-3).

Uses[edit | edit source]

Artifacts Slots: Runic can be spent to add more slots for your Artifacts

Discovery Wheel: You can spend Runic to re-spin the wheel.

Unlock Chests: With Runic, you can unlock all the Chests without waiting (Except the Free Chest).

Buy Chests: Drops your Runic to buy the Large Gold Chest, Large Diamond Chest or Large Mythical Chest. You can also buy Premium Chests when some Events are on.

Upgrade Pickaxes: Runic can be spent to upgrade Pickaxes found in Chests.

Timer Skips: Runic can be spent to reset cooldown timers, such as for Boss encounters and the Block Shop.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As of Version 4.6.2, on mobile devices, watching an ad after offscreen idling will double the earns Picks and blocks.