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Doggo's splash screen.

Doggo the Dog is a boss that can be encountered in PickCrafter. This boss was first added at the release of Super Doggo Snack Time, another game created by Fiveamp that released 16 May, 2018. Rather than be fought, the player helps feed him. Helping him earns the player Puppy Treat.png Puppy Treat and one win for the Doggo Trophy.


Doggo is a boss that requires fast movements. When the fight starts, food will rain down from the top of the screen, such as watermelon slices, pizza slices, and ice cream cones. Tapping on them feeds him to Doggo, raising the gauge at the top of the screen.

Watermelon falls the slowest, pizza has a medium speed, and ice cream falls the fastest. The amount the gauge is filled by increases with the food's falling speed.



  • WOOF WOOF (I'm hungry)
  • "WOOF. WOOF! (stomach rumbles)"
  • "BORK! (hunngrrryyyy)"

Halfway Full[]


Happy Ending[]

  • BORK! :D (so full)
  • "ARF! :D (triumphant noise)"
  • "BORKY BORK! (check out Super Doggo Snack Time!)"

Sad Ending[]

  • b o r k . . . : (
  • arwooOOOOOOOO :(

Snoggo (The Snow Doggo)[]

Snoggo's splash screen.

Snoggo is a variant of Doggo who can be encountered during the Winter Event. Unlike Doggo, Snoggo does not drop Puppy Treat.png Puppy Treats.

His quotes are the same as Doggo's.

During the fight instead of collecting treats to fill his health bar the player must protect him from falling Icicles .