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Egg Bundle

Egg Bundle

Egg Bundles can be found during Egg Hunt Event. They are either obtained by clicking a Creep with bunny ears or finding hidden eggs (see: Gallery and Locations). When obtained, three eggs are presented and the player can choose to open one. On mobile players may watch an ad to open all three eggs.

The golden egg variant drops more carrots and has a higher chance to drop Rabbit's Foot.

Gallery and Locations[]

Egg 0.pngEgg 1.pngEgg 2.pngEgg 3.pngEgg 4.pngEgg 5.png

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9a4vdCXGzo

Credits To Jus is cool!

1 Potato skill when being used

2. Drill skill menu

3. 500+ anvil confirmation menu

4. About menu

5. Language menu

6. AMP Codes menu

7. Event badges menu

8. Store menu

9. 'Oh noes' pop-up -> Rapidly click any item you can't buy

10. Clay pickaxe description

11. Glass pickaxe description

12. Clicking on Shovel in gear inventory

13. Clicking on Helmet in gear inventory

14. Clicking on Panda in inventory

15. Clicking on Business Bunny trophy in gear inventory

16. Clicking on any artifact

17. 'Trophy amount' update screen after defeating a boss

18. Between Plains and Desert biome in the 'Biomes' menu

19. Drag out 'Quests' tab and click on 'Skip Timer with Runic'

20. In Idle Skill Tree under the 'Prize Boost' skill icon

21. Furnace material section

22. Prestige menu (Map Icon -> Prestige Tab)

23. 'Egg hunt' second page in settings

24. Boss chest room after defeating any boss

25. Clicking on 'Add artifact' button in artifacts