PickCrafter Wiki

New Year's Event

Duration: 3-7 days

Firework Pickaxe(available to drop for a very limited time)

Lucky Event

Duration: 2 weeks

Pot of Gold Pickaxe

Egg Hunt Event

Duration: 2 weeks

Bunny Pickaxe

PPS Items: Carrot Cake, Rabbit's Foot

Bunny Boss; Bunny Trophy

Spooky Event

Duration: 2 weeks

Spooky Lantern Pickaxe, Scarecrow Pickaxe

PPS items: Gravestone +2.5%; Candy Corn +5%; Skull Candle +7.5%; Witch Hat +10%

Harvest Event

Duration: 3 weeks

Harvest Dinner Pickaxe, Leaf Pickaxe

PPS items: Cherry Pie +3%; Peach Pie +3%; Pecan Pie +3%; Pumpkin Pie +3%; Frankenpie's Monster +5%; Leaf Pile +5%; Cooked Turkey +; Pumpkin +; Turkey +; Cornucopia +8%; Greater Cornucopia +15%

Winter Event

Duration: 3 weeks

Candy Pickaxe,

PPS items: