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Prestige is a mechanic in PickCrafter that allows the player to progress through the game again, which was first added in Version 2.0. The player can rebuy equipment to earn more PPS, and upgrade Pickaxes to change their appearance and increase their Strength and Critical rate.

Prestige Caps[]

Version 2.12 -> 8 prestige;

Version 2.14 -> 100 prestige;

Version 3.0 -> 999 prestige;

Version 4.5 -> 1500 prestige;

Verison 4.19 -> 3000 prestige(at the moment v5.9.00 didn't change).

In Version 2.0[]

After reaching the final biome, the Moon, the player can prestige by tapping the bottle 'o enchanting at the top left of the biome selection screen. Prestiging converts all blocks in the player's inventory (except mob drops like gunpowder) into Runic (capping at 500 Runic (after version 2.14 it's become 250 Runic)), and relocks all Biomes, except for the Plain. After the first Prestige, pickaxe upgrades become available. The maximum prestige level is 9,999,999,999 Runic (dev. info) (I try testing this, but no results... -SashaComics).

In Version 3.0 and Later[]

After reaching the final biome, The End, the player can prestige from there after either buying or upgrading the End Stone Pickaxe. Prestige will:

In version 5.0 and later[]

After reaching 5 Prestiges and onward you need to unlock one more biome, The Sun.

As it follows, reaching 15 Prestiges and onward will make the player unlock yet another biome; Chronos' Lair.

Finally, reaching 50 Prestiges and onward will unlock a third biome, The Void.

Therefore, In order to prestige, you have to get on the lastest biome of your Prestige and upgrade their pickaxes.

Effects of prestiging does not change compared to 3.0