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Purpur is a block which can be found in The End biome. It can also be purchased from the biome's Block Select.



Item Effect Cost
Purpur Pickaxe Unlocks the Purpur Pickaxe 500
[[List of The End I

ems#Purpur Bowl|Purpur Bowl]]

+780 PPS ???
Purpur Helmet +435 PPS 100
Purpur Chestplate +261 PPS 50
Purpur Leggings +174 PPS 25
Purpur Boots +72 PPS 100
Purpur Shovel +507 PPS(3.8) 225
Purpur Hoe +435 PPS(3.8) 175
Purpur Axe +377 PPS(3.8) 125
Purpur Sword +319 PPS(3.8) 75

Furnace Recipes[]