PickCrafter Wiki

Runic is the premium currency in Pickcrafter. It's used to skip chest timers, buy chests, buy artifacts slots and much more (see: Uses)

Obtaining Runic[]

Runic can be obtained by various means.

Runic Store[]

Runic can be bought using real money by clicking the purple "+" icon in the top left corner of the screen.


Watching ads on the mobile version of Pickcrafter rewards you with 1 Runic. This can be repeated 30 times per day resulting in a maximum of 30 Runic a day by watching ads. You can watch ads by clicking the shield icon and then clicking the runic icon on the left.


You may complete offers from the offer wall to obtain runic. Although this can be quite rewarding, it usually takes a lot a time to complete offers from the offer wall. The offer wall can be found by clicking the shield icon and then clicking the runic icon on the left,

Free Chests[]

Every time you open a Free Chest, there's a chance to gain between 0 to 3 Runic.png.


Various quests rewards the player with Runic.


Quests rarely appear rewarding the player with 50 Runic.png if completed in time.

Boss Rush Event[]

Depending on your placement at the end of a Boss Rush Event, you get rewarded with Runic. The higher your place, the more Runic the player will be rewarded with.

Sharing Pickcrafter on Social Media[]

Sharing Pickcrafter with your friends (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) earns 50 Runic each. This can only be completed once per Pickcrafter play state. Do note that for the reward to be given out you aren't actually required to share it's enough to click the button and press share and then go back.


Large Chests[]

The most obvious way of spending Runic is buying Large Chests. Buying Large Chests off the store is not a good idea and Runic shouldn't be spend on Large Chests.

Skip Chest Timer[]

By clicking on a chest that is currently in the process of being unlocked the player can skip the opening time of the chest by spending Runic.

Unlock Additional Artifact Slots[]

Runic can be used to buy more artifact slots. The upgrade can be found by clicking Shield -> Artifact Symbol -> Scroll to the top of the page -> Add Artifact Slot. It can be upgraded a total of 6 times:

  • 1st Runic Slot: 300 Runic
  • 2nd Runic Slot: 400 Runic
  • 3rd Runic Slot: 500 Runic
  • 4th Runic Slot: 600 Runic
  • 5th Runic Slot: 700 Runic
  • 6th Runic Slot: 800 Runic

Instant Boosters[]

Instant Boosters can be found by clicking on the Crafting Table Icon and then scrolling all the way down.

Cooldown Refresh: Refreshes the Pickaxe Ability Timer & All Abilitiy Timers equipped

Instant Mob: Summons a Mob

Instant Picks: Grants the player worth 4h AFK picks, calculated by your PPS

Extending Event Timer[]

If an event ended but you haven't completed the last quest yet, the event can be extended for 20 Runic for a period of 4 hours. This can often prove to be worth it, especially if you still have more than 20 Runic to earn in the current event.

Upgrading Pickaxes[]

All pickaxes that can be obtained by chests, can be upgraded using 15 Runic. This is never worth it and should never been done as a player can simply use Picks to upgrade their pickaxes.

Reset Skill Tree[]

The skill tree can be reset using 30 Runic. The player can decide to only reset the Player, Chest or Idle Tree or reset the whole skill tree. For all four options, the price stays the same at 30 Runic.