Struct Pickaxe
Struct Pickaxe (Level 1).png
A Void Pickaxe made from Structure Blocks

Programmers use Structs

Obtained from:
The Void
Upgrade Cost:
Strength.png 44
Frequent Criticals.png 16%
- Void Clones -
The Pickaxe will spawn 6 clones of itself and cause an instant block break for a short period of time

The Struct Pickaxe is a Legendary Pickaxe in PickCrafter, which can be obtained in The Void.

Pickaxe Ability

Void Clones.gif
Struct Pickaxe preview (by SashaComics)
Before activating, Pickaxe begins to glow with a purple light. Then smoke appears while glowing more. During Pickaxe ability, the pickaxes creates 6 clones of itself. Strange black lines and circles start appearing all over the place. The actual Pickaxe ability is like the common "On Fire". The clones that it summoned have a use. Meaning that with every tap/click, the game does one block break and does 5 more block breaks, because of the clones. So that's a 6-block break in total.


There are a total of 9 Levels available for the Struct Pickaxe.

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