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The Sun is the fourteenth biome in PickCrafter. First appirience - v5.0.01 - The Sun - 30 January 2020. It can be unlocked in The End using Rocket Fuel.png Rocket Fuel and only if you have prestige 5 or higher.

After reaching this biome from prestige 5 onward, and after upgrading the Plasma Pickaxe (Level 1).png Plasma Pickaxe, the player can Prestige.

While in the Sun Biome, the status effect Overheat will apply. While at 50 heat or higher the only block that spawns is Sunspot.png Sunspot. The heat can be decreased by going to another biome or by applying the Cryo status effect.

Cryo is a status effect that can be applied by Frost Aura(30min), Ice Pickaxe(5min), Candy Pickaxe(5min), Arctic Copper Pickaxe(5min) and nullifies the effect of Overheat status effect.

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  • It is impossible to get any of the pickaxes from the Sun at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, as Sun required Prestige 6 to play