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Trophies are special gear in PickCrafter that keep track of how many times a Boss has been defeated. Below each trophy is a number indicating the player's place on the leaderboard for defeating that particular boss.

List of Trophies[]

  • Meatloaf Trophy - Earned for defeating Meatloaf.
  • RipTide Trophy - Earned for defeating RipTide.
  • Q-PID Trophy - Earned for defeating Q-PID.
  • GORG Trophy - Earned for defeating GORG-2000.

Trophy Levels[]

Each trophy can be leveled up by defeating a boss a certain number of times.

  • Iron Trophy - 1-4 wins
  • Gold Trophy - 5-24 wins
  • Diamond Trophy - 24-49 wins
  • Emerald Trophy - 50-99 wins
  • Ruby Trophy - 100-199 wins
  • Topaz Trophy - 200-349 wins
  • Jade Trophy - 350+ wins


  • When they were first added to the game, Chronos and SONO lacked trophies.
  • Bosses defeated during the Boss Rush do not earn wins toward trophies.
  • Diamond, Topaz, Emerald, and Jade Trophies had their colors changed in Version ???. Diamond took Topaz's old color, Topaz was colored orange to match the Topaz block, Emerald was given a lime color, and Jade received Emerald's old color.
  • Doggo's trophies are referred to as "Trophy-Corgi" in the game's files.